Nollywood Actor, Mike Ezuruonye Warns Fans Against Fraudsters Who Impersonates Him

Handsome Nollywood actor, Mike Ezuruonye, has taken to social media via his Instagram page to warn fans against scammers

The actor shared a photo of a fake passport bearing his image on his page

Many Nigerians are hardworking people who actually sweat just to put food on their tables and take care of their needs. However, there are some fraudulent ones who are not ready to work but would rather try to rip off those who do.

This is an issue a number of Nigerian celebrities face. Many times, some celebs have become a target for fraudsters who create fake pages and steal the identities of these celebs just so that they can dupe unsuspecting fans.

Some of these fraudsters even go to great lengths such as faking important credentials like National ID cards, international passports and more.

It seems the nollywood actor has become fed up of being a target for their dubious activities and he has taken to social media to alert his fans to beware.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, Mike Ezuruonye shared a photo of a fake international passport that had his image on it.

In the next slide of the post, the actor shared an image of a purported Supreme Court statement stating that the actor took a loan of N80m and used his house in Lekki as collateral.

The film star then explained in the caption of his post that this is what he deals with and he told fans to be careful.

He wrote: “This is part of the rubbish I have to deal with …Pls people kindly BEWARE of this FAKE FRAUDULENT PHOTOSHOPPED DOCUMENTS used by SCAMMERS to DEFRAUD women and fans of mine..Pls Stay VIGILANT..

recently, Tuffgig music empire reported that Mike Ezuruonye has successfully undergone eye surgery after production light affected his sight.

According to the actor, his years of working behind and in front of cameras eventually took a toll on his eyes, as it was discovered that a growth was encroaching his pupils.

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