Nollywood Actor, Alex Ekubo In An Interview Angrily Speaks About His Suffering, Talks On People’s Begging And Government

Nollywood actor, Alexx Ekubo, early today in a live chat on Instagram with former Nigerian queen and Nollywood actress, Regina Asika. Had shared and talked about some of the painful experience of being a Nigerian as he bitterly complained about how it is not his job to help anybody while noting that he is suffering and can’t seem to take it as people hang it on the celebrities to give to them as they are humans with their different families, problems, needs e.t.c

The 34-year-old movie star stated that people should stop having a sense of entitlement that celebrities have to help them because it is not their duty as it is the duty of the government to help and come to the aid of its people.

The actor however, also faulted the government as they have not tried to take in examples from other nations as even the government complaining on getting correct data base of the country as regards the BVN as using it to collate the data of people in the country.

In his words;

It is not my job, it is the government’s job. I am suffering. I am going out of my way to help who I can help.. It is not my duty”

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