Nigeria’s Cross Dresser Bobrisky Reacts As He Slams Nigerians Over Tonto’s Fake Life Matter Says- Fake Your Own Life If It’s Easy

okuneye idris better known as Bobrisky has risked his neck for his friend, going by the adage that says ‘Birds of the same feather flocks together”. It is the same with the two besties as Bobrisky stands in for his friend in her difficult times.

Though while Tonto Charity Dike is yet to come open and address the matter over her fake life and picture at Module University Dubai after it was discovered that she had deceived people over the fact that she had gone to address students or maybe even scholars at the Networking meeting which she acclaimed according to her picture to have addressed on issue bordering on dispute resolution.

Remember that whenTonto had posted pictures of her Module University in Dubai, Bobrisky promoting her friends achievement had also shared the picture with the write up saying; @moduldubai thanks for having @tontolet on your university program. Bestie more to come. Love you always

Bobrisky had gone to his instagram on Friday 13 December, 2019 to shun people speaking against Tonto as he shares it with a laughing emoji which could probably mean he is also finding it funny or maybe jokingly trying to pass message to people to brace up to the reality as to the fact that it takes intelligence to be able to coin out such crafts. According to him, he has said that if it is that easy to fake things just as many celebrities are being accused, that those accusing them should go ahead and fake their own lives.

Bobrisky posted on his IG by saying;

“Everybody keep labeling celebrities living fake life. Fake life dis, fake life that…..kindly FAKE your own too now if its that easy. Shuuuuuuuuuuuu” Her post also saw the likes of his friend Tonto who had not said a word to react by commenting; “EVEN FAKE OTI AFFORD NI”

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