Nigerian Female Rapper Eva Alordiah Mulls Fire To The Man Who Referred To Her As A Failed Rapper

Elohor Eva Alordiah best known as Eva Alordiah is considered as one of Nigeria’s best female rapper, the Delta born Rapper, Make up artist, Fashion designer and Entrepreneur who broke into the Nigeria music industry in 2011 with her debut Album titled”The Gigio Ep” which garnered her some award and nominations.

Though for some reasons, a lot has not been heard from her as she seem to be working on her new album which she shared on her twitter handle which according to her, she had produced her self. On the 12 December, 2019,  Eva took to her twitter and tweeted about some artistes who go as far as mumbling words without good lyrics and incomprehensible words, as she calls it total  laziness. In her own words she writes;

So many artistes have allowed themselves believe that mumbling incomprehensible words over beats, with no lyrics is “catching a vibe”. As long as it keeps the rhythm eh? You did not catch a Vibe. You caught Laziness

Having said her piece without mentioning anyone in particular, a certain twitter user identified as Eric who had felt she’s been silent for a longer time and she has no right to say her mind, descended his weight of unbearable words at her by calling her out as a failed rapper. He wrote;

what’s this failed raper saying, why don’t on mumble on a beat too or better still call the name of the art u are referring to”  as he finally inserts that it’d best she minds her business

Eva Alordiah on seeing the and while replying to his tweet has explicitly made it known that her name will remain alive with history. According to the tweet on her post she had said;

“LOL!!! Your knowledge of History is the only failure here. My name in History? Forever engraved Mr Eric. How is that for failure? Ozwor”

Eva Alordiah who is expected to hit the industry with her new single is on the move and probably her song might be coming out before the ending of this year and next year as she is still putting up songs in the studio.


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