Nigerian Cross Dresser, James Brown Reveals He Regrets Being A Man

Popular Nigerian Cross-dresser, James Brown popularly known by many for one his one time escalated viral video, recently said that he sometimes regret being a man. The cross dresser who was addressing the ever trending ugly trend of rape cases which is one of the biggest trend of today , on social medial, said he regretted being a man which is basically  due to the high-profile rape cases trending on social media.

James explained his displeasure with those who are in the act or those who have done such injustice to most of this young girls, women and mothers. The Internet sensation slammed those, who forcefully have sex with women without their consent as he said that most of them are useless.

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James Brown stated that perhaps men don’t really care about women and as they always take advantage of them. S[peaking further, he learn his voice to the voice of a whole number of people who are crying out for the end of this unjustifiable rape as he  warned men to stop feeling like they are superior and more powerful than his women.

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