Nigerian-British Boxer Anthony Joshua Beats Andy Ruiz To Reclaim Heavyweight champion

What a match, the much awaited match which saw the two champs struggle for the retaining and the taking over of the heavy weight championship. The British-born fighter of Nigerian descent emerged victorious through a unanimous decision as he reclaims his belt which was taken from him in a match he had with the Mexican American boxer Andy Ruiz. Having suffered defeat for six months, Joshua came not just to revenge but to take back his belt. 

British fighter Anthony Joshua has reclaimed his heavyweight titles six months after initially losing them to Andy Ruiz.

The 30-year-old Watford-born boxer emerged victorious at the end of the 12th round in the bout having amassed more points than his opponent.

The fight which ended in 118-110 to 119-109 in favour of Joshua saw him making history. The more awaited match has been the speculation of so many,  as many has predicted in favor of Joshua as his made some comments before the match that he was ready to take back what rightfully belongs to him.  Remember that both Joshua and Andy had worked so hard for this match and had both lost weights in order to give the match it’s best shot, nevertheless,  the match ended with Joshua reclaiming his belt just like he has promised having come into the ring as a challenger but returning as the champion as he has tasted defeat for the first time in his career earlier this year when he lost his belt to Andy.


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