Nigeria Female Footballer, Chi Chi Angers Fans And Friends With X-rated Photo Of Two Women

Nigerian female footballer Chi Chi Igbo, best known as Chified most especially on her social media handles, has triggered the anger of some of her fans friend and friends. Chi Chi, who over the past year, people had thought it too much of her to physical drain herself like a man. The footballer has led may people to arguing what her sexuality truly is as  many had guessed he to being a lesbian.

According to the retired Danish Nigerian professional footballer, she wants to remain loyal to just one person forever. Notwithstanding the lash of many, as the footballer further revealed through her explicit picture her stand on her sexuality, posting a cartoon she she wrote;

I see I lost followers after this post. GUESS WHAT?! MUDA FUCK Y’ALL, I CALL IT GOOD RIDDANCE TO BAD RUBBISH! AND FOR THOSE THAT HAVEN’T OR STILL THINKING IT, PLEASE DO BOTH OF US A FAVOUR AND EXIT, these numbers ain’t feeding me, I’ve kept it a ? from day one and I’m only here for people that are riding for me FLAWS and all. ITS NOT BY FORCE TO FOLLOW AND I MEAN BIG AND SMALL ACCOUNTS!

Chi Chi shared a photo of two women having sex and captioned the post; she wrote;

”I wanna be loyal and nasty with the same damn person forever.”In her caption, Chi Chi added #FreakInTheSheets #6ix9ine.

The post has since gotten many of her followers talking and a good number of them calling her out for posting the picture.

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