Nigeria Barbie Queen, Bobrisky Claims She Makes Up To 80-90 Million A Year

Popular Nigeria cross-dresser and barbie queen, Bobrisky in a live chat yesterday has revealed just how much she makes in a year and which is the summation of all the money she makes with the partners she’s working with, with exception to her other businesses.

In an IG live session with Ubi Franklin who just also had a session with Teebllizz, Bob had mentioned that she works with several companies who she uses her brand to market and sell their wares as an influencer.

Bob also spoke on her many business partnerships as well as her cancelled party last year, revealed she spent close to N20 million on preparations of the birthday party.

When asked about how she felt about her birthday last year which was destroyed, Bob had  replied by saying that she is fine as she does not allow things linger for so long due to fear of high BP and other health issues.

Speaking further via the IG interview session with Ubi, Ubi, had gone ahead to ask her if she owns a business brand of her own, the question which further had Bob revealing just a little into her daily business activities, revealed that before the outbreak of the Coronavirus disease, that she was already planning to open her own business outlet but had to hold on till the global pandemic is over.

According to her, she had insisted she will continue to work with brands who signs her up as an ambassador, which will aid the more in flow of the cash, as each brands product she influences on her social medial handle pays her not less than 4 million. However, when the question of how much she makes a year popped up after she had narrated the nature of her work with her partners, Bobrisky, had said she makes approximately 80-90 million a year.

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