Naira Marley In Trouble With Bowen University

The controversial Nigeria singer Naira Marley seems to be falling hands with some institutions as a twitter user shared letter which bans Naira Marley’s song from being played at the  Bowen University Law Student’s final dinner party. Remember that the controversial singer has said one time that his music is a bad influence but cures depression. Seeing that a lot of people have been against some of the content of his songs and the influence it has on the youths, Naira Marley is getting this attack from Bowen University as they perceive his song as a bad influence to their students and to avoid promoting such flying unhealthy content, the representative of the Bowen University Law Student has said that upon failure to abide by the rule by the performing DJ will result to the termination of the dinner party.

While many twitter users are reacting to the this letter, some have come to agree with the decision taken by the Law Department Representative of Bowen University as they also feel that Naira Marley is not sending the right message to the youths.

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