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You know what they say, “If someone asks you to listen to a song, it’s because that song expresses how they feel, and wish you could feel same emotions, even if they can’t say or show that”

Music has been in existence since before history – there were songs our ancestors sang which we can never hear again for the simple reason that they were never recorded

Archeologists found that Prehistoric (cave) men made paintings of people in groups raising spares and encircling wild bulls in attempt to hunt them down, and even though this may not seem like much on the surface if we indulge our imaginations to picture how they managed to organize themselves so effectively we could easily hear their voices as they chant and echo at each other

The music back then may have been as simple as chanting, whistling, humming or clapping – mostly accomplished using rocks, sticks, and dried bones – yet it bears the same potency as of today’s ultra-advanced and modernized musical instruments – with all the amplifiers and filters

Music has always been at the core of human societies, uniting us in harmony, with synchronous tones, vibes, and rhythms, all expressing our innermost desires or fears, and at the same time uniting and motivating us to execute actions, or simply enjoy the passing moments.

Back then, Communities where relatively small with hardly more than one tribe or ethnic group living together, so, music then was mostly to remind the people of their common origin, the gods, the spirits, and, of course, their values and culture. On a few occasions, it was sung to egg on the warriors into battles – inspiring temerity.

How Music Has Evolved

However, in recent times, with more and more communities and races uniting, and even more complex and advanced cultures emerging, music has evolved to be not just a means to organize and entertain people, but now a beacon for individuals to find themselves.

Lost in a fast passed world of people with countless languages, tribes, religion, sexual preferences, political preferences, fears, hopes, and ideologies – just to mention a few – all united in a singular global village which is the internet, Musicians now use their songs to call out to likeminded folks.

Hence, there are now countless genres in music – with over 1,264 genres of popular music. The United States workforce alone reports having over 2.1 million artists. Statistically speaking, of the 7billion people on the planet, about 6 billion of them would claim to be artists, whilst almost the remaining 1 billion would agree with the other 6 billion that music is really pleasurable to listen to.

With the whole world singing, music is now a way of calling out to the people who we resonate with, whether they are on the far end of the globe or just around the neighborhood.

The famous African American Music Artist, Jidenna Mobisson, popularly called “Jidenna”, even carved out for himself a miniature music genre called Swank – A hybrid of Rap and RnB– Hence, he crafts and produces music specifically for people who simply can’t decide which is better (Rap or RnB?).

It should be born in mind that not everyone likes Swank music, just as not everyone loves Rap, or Classical or even RnB, yet thankfully, Artists can find a very, very large community of people who love their songs – hence, their music has become their beacon to the world.

It is this desire to create a platform that assists upcoming musicians to reach their audience that TuffView was carved out from the Tuffgig Music Empire (Click to read more).

Anyway, as of 2019, music streams in the US on services like YouTube, Spotify, and Amazon Music topped 1 trillion for the first time in history, according to Nielsen Music’s annual report. YouTube was the top-used music streaming service globally, with Spotify in second in most markets. The report also noted that popular apps like TikTok helped boost this virality. The data emphasized the rapid rise of music streaming which is just a few years has overtaken digital downloads.

As the world gets increasingly interconnected, more and more people speak within the internet space creating more and more saturation and noise, hence it now takes both incredible talent and massive promotion to cut through the thick clutter, and this inevitably heightened the importance of record labels to individual artists (Find out about TuffGig Record Label)

Hence it became paramount for artists to do their best and a little extra. Well, this as we can all tell is both good and bad news.  It is good news for the truly talented and dedicated Artists who give us music that hit our souls and make us realize that truly there are people like us in this world – who feel our pain, joy, sadness, and happiness; people who understand just how we feel down to the core of our beings. People we are willing to pay just to listen to their music on repeat.

However, it is bad news for those terrible Artists who haven’t honed their skills, or who just want to ache our auditory nerves with their wacky noise – I guess we all like it this way, you know, the best music always being on-air and on repeat- yeah – we love the vibes.

I think if our ancestors could have the opportunity to listen to personalized music the internet affords us today, they would be deeply jealous and wish to have lived in our time. There truly is no better time to live than now – both for the truly talented artists and us, the loyal fans.


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