Mount Zion’s Film Founder And Actor, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye Points At The Acceptance Of Gay&Lesbianism, Gender Transplant, Others..Cause Of Coronavirus Pandemic

Mount Zion film founder, producer and actor, Evangelist Mike Bamiloye, having been on consistent cry out to God both on his social media handle over the Coronavirus global pandemic has traced the cause of the emergency of such deadly virus, to the freedom of different abominable vices the world has engaged itself to.

In his most recent post today on his social media handle, the servant of God highlighted some of the causes to the pandemic as according to him, the acceptance of gay marriage, gender transplant and corruption and many more other causes to him is the reason why the world is suffering from the coronavirus pandemic.

Mike Bamiloye stated as he joined a new social media trend #WeAareSorryChallenge which sees people confessing the sins of the world and begging God for forgiveness.

The trend was started by Olumide Oki who wrote:

“Lord, we are sorry.
We are sorry for all Evils.
We are sorry for all our stupidity.

Recounting some of the many world atrocities being committed by the world, he wrote;

The other day, I heard a teenager did family planning because that would make her to be free from the fear of pregnancy from her many sexual acts with numerous partners. Lord, we are sorry!

Many in my generation now engage in lots of sexual immoral acts. Young ladies now insert different kind of materials into their private parts just to satisfy their sexual immoral acts. Young guys and ladies now masturbate like they are drinking water. Lord, we are sorry!
It is no longer news that incest is the order of the day. Lord, we are sorry!

Father now engaging in sexual immoral acts with her daughter. Son now having sex with her mother. Lord, we are sorry!

A 16-year old boy getting married to a 46-year old woman. A-14 year old girl getting married to a-54 year old man. Lord, we are sorry!

Sex with animals is normal in this generation – they even flaunt it on social media. Lord, we are sorry!

My heart shattered when I saw a lady advertising what ladies can put on their private parts just to cage men. Most men too now visit some unholy places to ‘guard’ themselves against any harm just because they want to have sex outside their marriages. Lord, we are sorry!

Gay is normal. Lesbianism is normal. Transgender is normal. Lord, we are sorry.

We cry unto you today Lord, please have mercy on your creation. Have mercy on our land.
Heal us from this plague Lord.
Heal our land, Lord.

We are sorry!

I am Olumide Oki P2O”.

Eveangelist Mike…following the necessity of the prayer and plea, reposted same on his IG handle;

See post below;

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