Mother Of The Boyfriend Who Had Killed And Eaten The Flesh Of Lasu Student Says She Didn’t Know She Was Eating Human Flesh Watch Video

The gruesome killing of the the late miss Favour Seun Daley -Oladele which has been a constant topic in most media platforms is just one of the multiple cases of ritual killing that is being reported and heard everyday in the country. However, ever since the emergence of the case, more findings and diggings is still on-going to uncover more details to the sudden and inhumane massacre of the young 22 years old Favour Seun.

Revelations emerging concerning the gruesome killing of 22-year-old Favour Seun Daley-Oladele who was killed by her boyfriend, Owolabi Adeeko. In a new video making the rounds, Mrs Bola Adeeko, mother of Owolabi Adeeko who was reported to have worked with her son and another accomplice to kill and eat body parts of the deceased 22-year-old  final year student of the Lagos State University, has shared her own side of the story. In sharing her own side, Adeeko wasted no time in blaming her son, and claiming that he deceived her; she literally exonerated herself of any wrongdoing.

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Mrs Adeeko who was not only calm as she was being interviewed in the police premises, has recounted her own side of the ordeal and had wasted no time excluding herself from the case, saying she was a self employed woman who decorates for schools while being the bread winner of the family as the husband is jobless, had only gone to seek for prayers from the prophet. She narrated the dream she had which could have possibly gotten the prophet requesting for human blood and flesh. According to her, in her dream she had seen her self in a celebration mood as she shares food and meet to people. Nevertheless, on no account in the interview had she talked about conniving with the son in murdering and eating the flesh of the deceased as she had only gone to the prophets for prayers,cleansing  and bathing for financial prosperity.


From then on, the fate of late Favour was sealed in a selfish quest but Bola insists in her confession that she had no knowledge that what she ate was human flesh or that the soap she bathed with was prepared using parts of the murdered young woman. She wasted no time in throwing her co-suspect and only bus under the bus, alleging that he blindsided her by killing the victim and colluding with Phillip to make her eat and bathe with human remains.

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