More Troubles For The Marlian President As Popular Nigeria Company Bans Naira Marley’s Song, Name e.t.c From Workers Says Portrays Bad Image

In a viral photo shared on the Internet which seems to have taken twitter over as the  buzzing keeps going over the fresh reasons behind  a particular company who had ban every thing related to Nigeria singer Naira Marley. The twitter user who wrote on his twitter handle that a popular company in Lagos has made some new rules which had stated that it would not want any thing that would associate it’s workers with Naira Marley, his songs and it’s Marlian slogan. Naira Marley over the time has been on the news for some very controversial reason. The popular Nigeria singer  had said one time that his kind of music and songs could lead the young people into the wrong part but emphasized that his music purely cures depression.

Recall the last year, a certain private university has warned it’s graduating law faculty students and it’s president to desist from any song relating to Naira Marley if they had still wanted to hold their final year dinner party, the twitter user who had shared the post also got it trending as many reacted and shared their thoughts based on the tweet.

Nevertheless, the buzz is on, on twitter concerning the rule by the company to back off it’s workers from anything relating to Naira Marley in it’s company. The twitter user, identified as  Olusesan, had emphaized via his tweet on  twitter that a company allegedly sent out a memo banning the use of popular Lagos slang, ‘Mad oh’

According to Olusesan, the memo was sent out to the company staff by the HR. Olusesan as he also pointed out that the company also banned the use of snippets of Naira Marley’s lyrics or anything that’s popularly used in the streets as they want no association with that.

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