Minister of Power, Sale Mamman Reveals That “Nigerians now enjoy 18 to 24 hours of power daily”

The minister for Power, Sale Mamman has made some very striking revelation that has got some thinking how true his report on the power supply system in Nigeria is, knowing that Nigerian over the decade of her existence is yet to proudly and boldly talk about the stability in the power supply to it citizens, even after the large much millions of Nigeria that has been pumped in the system. However, some Nigerian would argue that the desired state of power supply in the country is yet to be achieved.

Nevertheless, the Minister of Power Supply reportedly has certified Nigerians to enjoying steady or near steady power supply as he reveals that Nigerians enjoy between 18 to 24 hours of electricity daily, Minister of Power, Sale Mamman, has said.

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Speaking in an interview with NTA on Tuesday, Mamman said the President Buhari led administration has however, improved the infrastructure in the power system, and had upgraded the 330KVA which is the highest voltage in the country.

He said,

“We have also improved the 132 substations. Kashimbilla has been completed which is 40mw. We have reached up to 70 per cent of Zungeru in Niger. One of the biggest projects, the Mambilla, which has been lingering for over 40 years, has commenced.

“We have improved our services. Before this government, they gave light for less than 10 hours a day, but today I can tell you that we give light from 18 to 24 hours in a day.”

He added that,

“Before now, we had less than 3,000mw of capacity generation but today we can generate up to 5,500mw capacity although we cannot transmit all due to some constraints.

Mamman assured that power supply would further improve after Siemens AG of Germany begins work in the sector.

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