Legendary JuJu Now Gospel Singer, Evang. Ebenezer Obey Reveals What God Told On CO-VID19

Popular legendary JuJu music singer and clergy, Evangelist Ebenezer Obey, obviously quite affected by the ravaging and sweeping off of  humans by the coronavirus pandemic, just like every other human all over the world has in an interview revealed God’s desire for the people of the world and what He has told him to tell his people.

The circular JuJu singer turned clergy spoke God;s intention according to what was revealed to him…speaking with Seye Kehinde in an interview, he said;

Well, this pandemic came suddenly and it is something we never expected, Already the whole world is being shaken by this pandemic, no one is able to do much, we all sit at home and abiding with all the instructions that the government has given us. It has not given anybody any chance to do anything, but we thank God that it happens, but it was not expected. But God has given me some instructions that I want to share..

If we look back COVID-19 broke out in December 2019. Its been 5 months and we are stepping into May, and yet, there is no answer. God wants us to fear him more than fearing the coronavirus.

Now, generally in the whole world, people are afraid of the coronavirus than God. The fear of God is what we need. God is using this to draw the attention of the whole world, that even the superpower who thought they know it all are now humbled. He has taught us the lesson.

And I know that the answer will come in a short while. But first, we must acknowledge his supremacy and his mightiness beyond the pandemic. because he is the world who created us and can do everything.

If the answer comes, we must not take the Glory, We must give the glory to God.

Psalm 35:9 says, surely, the salvation is near them that fear him, his glory will dwell in our land. that means if we pay attention to God’s glory, then he will take care of everything for us. I believe that will happen in the name of Jesus.

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