Lady’s Face, Who Says Wizkid Is The Only Man She Will Spread Her Legs For Goes Viral

Talks about this particular Nigerian lady is making the rounds online as she drew attention after she had  stated that singer Wizkid, is the greatest personality on earth right now and that he is the only man she can willingly spread her legs for.

The lady who was identified as Tammie ..had made this disclosure via her Twitter handle without minding what people will say to her or how they would even perceive her.

With her confession which got some twitter users reacting to the fact that she was out of her mind to go to such length in drawing attention, as they have termed her as one of those young ladies who are celebrity freaks..and who would go any means in achieving their which they could go to the extent of loving to be their baby mamas. Tweeting Temmie wrote;

“Wizkid to me is the greatest personality on earth right now! He’s the only man I can willingly spread those legs for”.

Wizkid who obviously have a lot of women on his palms as regards his baby mamas, might not want to complicate more issues for himself even if some ladies would decide to give themselves for free.


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