Lady Whose Viral Story About Buying A Toyota For Boyfriend Reacts!!!

The Lady whose singular act towards the boyfriend has recently gone viral has spoken up after the vira; video has sparked a lot of talks and reactions from a lot of Nigerians and outside Nigeria. The post which was shared on the 26 December, 2019 which a young lady had shared on her twitter handle, she had claimed in her post of buying a car for her boyfriend after saving for 2 years.

According to her, she had saved 20k every week to get her boyfriend a Toyota Camry. While the story is forming an argument base on social media and a lot of media houses as pertaining the story and if it is okay for spend so much for a guy who isn’t your husband and if she had done the wise thing by not thinking of herself but of her boyfriend who she claimed a friend of their’s had mocked her boyfriend didn’t have his own car.
Meanwhile, a twitter user @yankohboy had earlier taken to his handle to share pictures of the couples with the Lady whom he had tagged to his post.
The twitter user who had shared the post he had tagged the Port Harcourt Lady had wrote;

“A girl from Ph who’s a makeup artists have bought her boyfriend a Toyota Camry for Christmas”

“In her words, she said she’s been saving 20k every week for the past two years so she can get her boyfriend a car after a friend mocked her boyfriend for not having a car and mocking her for dating a broke”

The post which went viral on the platform, sparked a debate amongst social media users who had mixed reactions about buying a car for a man she wasn’t married to. However, it turns out the story may not be true after all. The lady in the photos identified as Jasmine Boateng who apparently is Ghanaian, reacted to the now viral post, expressing her surprise. Her response insinuated that the story wasn’t entirely true. She wrote: “I never knew I was Nigerian or a makeup artist or even rich enough to save. And I bought a CAR !!!!! This is news to me”





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