Kobe Bryant: You Have No Right To Dictate To People Who They Should Mourn, Cee-C Slams Colleagues, Others.

Going by the talks making the rounds about many Nigerians, sending their condolences to the late legendary NBA player Kobe Bryant’s family. The legendary player who had died in the early hours of Sunday, had been the saddest news or story led in, in such early Sunday which is meant to be the Grammy awards night even as one of Nigeria’s own is duly represented. The announcement of the death of Kobe Bryant and young daughter had led many Nigerians sending their love as they took to their social handles to say a RIP or even say little thing about him.

Apparently, there are so many Nigerians and celebrities that has reacted to the sudden death of Kobe while many have criticized those sympathizing and sending their tributes as being hypocritical, as some well known Nigeria celebrity who had fallen into same situation like Kobe Bryant has never caused the Nigerians who are mourning Kobe to raising a pen to writing a tribute or even showing some compassion, but that just the mention of the legendary that many are penning down, sending tributes, even those who know and those who hardly know who is talked about.

However, 2018 BBNaija reality TV star has reacted to those who are shunning many Nigerians who have paid their tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant, including her BBNaija reality TV show colleague Khloe.

Recall Khloe had taken to her IG page, describing Nigerians as hypocrites for mourning Bryant.

Reacting to all of these criticisms, Cee-C stated that no one has the right to tell others how to grief, even if they hardly knew the deceased, according to her, somebody like Kobe Bryant might have been a role model to many who have mourned him even though they are yet to might the person. As she said that there is no body who heard about the tragic death of the legendary that is not moved as anyone mourning someone shouldn’t particularly be because they know the person.

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