Kenyan Twitter Gesare Sets Twitter On Fire As She Tweets About The Unique Qualities Of Igbo Women And Igbos

A certain Kenyan twitter user identified as Gesare Chife had gotten the twitter bustling as her tweet had got many twitter users talking. Gesare Chife, a Kenyan who on 26 December 2019 recounted her experience when she visited Nigeria and precisely the Eastern part of the country.

Gesare who was fascinated by her journey to the East told her warming  the people were, and how she had enjoyed looking at the vast fertile land, seen the masquerades and enjoyed the rich culture of the Igbo people.

However, most particularly, Gesare Chife emphasized a little more on the Igbo women. She had said that Igbo women are a full force and are very strong and they play a major role in their various family.

Her tweet which has spark love from the directed tribe has also gotten some people talking negatively. Nevertheless, she has tweeted in about four row tweet about the much love she had received from her visit and also from Nigerians in general.

See tweet below;



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