Kanye West Gave Mind Blowing Preaching At The Awaken 2020 “Jesus Walk” Project Watch Inspiring Video

Whether you believe it not many will say God’s got Kanye as the popular American singer turned gospel rapper, Kanye West gave mind blowing speech at the Awaken 2020 for his ‘Jesus Walks’ project.

The hip-hop turned gospel rapper spoke over his Sunday Service Choir who gave beautiful and pensive sound at the background as he recounts how he would have been gone if not for the intervention of God and how the devil had wanted to capture and take him over

Kanye pointed out that it was God he had been keeping him while the devil had on the on set fought against the will of God coming to pass in his life as he spoke that God took victory and defeated the devil.

Kanye also said that the devil had probably seen how important his mission he was projecting was, as the pulled strongly to stop him.

Watch The Video Here:

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