Juice Wrld Untimely Death, He Might Have Caused His Death-TMZ Reports

The untimely death of the rising America youngster and rapper has remained a shock to many considering his age and bright future in the music world. According to reports, Juice might have caused his death while trying to escape from trouble.

TMZ reports that the singer had swallowed a bunch of painkillers in an attempt to hide them from the feds who were about to search the plane after landing in Chicago.

The report says, the pilot of the private plane had informed the authorities that Juice Wrld and his crew had guns on bound the plane. This prompted the FBI and FAA to wait for the plane as it landed.

Apparently afraid and scared that he was going to get into trouble for possession of  hard drugs, the 21-year-old rapper allegedly had to swallow the pills which might have triggered his seizure that led to his untimely death.

Juice according to reports before his death suffered the seizure at Chicago’s Midway airport on Sunday, December 8, 2019, after arriving at the airport on a flight from California. According to reports, the 21-yr-old rapper suffered a seizure while walking through the airport.

Police sources has said he was already bleeding from the mouth when paramedics arrived. It was reported that the rapper, whose real name is Jarad Anthony Higgins, was still conscious when he was taken to a hospital but shortly afterwards he was pronounced dead.


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