Journalists Mocks Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Daughter Blue Ivy Says She Might Take On The Looks Of Jay Z

What seem to be more uglier is when a young child is lashed out on over her look but when the family of one of the famous family in the America is lashed out than there is no one that can be slammed. One of the biggest buzz is the lashing that recently came on over Beyoncé’s daughter Blue Ivy look and appearance.

The 7 years old daughter of Jay Z and Beyoncé  was slammed over her look as two Us journalists mocked the little girl after America rising star Megan Thee Stallion posted a photo of herself, Beyoncé, and Blue Ivy on both Instagram and Twitter, which was greeted with mostly positive reactions in the comments — except for a couple notable ones journalists who had gone to criticize her look saying it be better the parents option for plastic surgery when she turns 16  to help enhance her looks

Vanity Fair film critic K. Austin Collins reacted to the photo in a since-deleted post:

“I have a feeling the jay z face genes are about to really hit Blue Ivy and I feel so sorry for her.”

Digital editor for Harper’s, Violet Lucca, responded to Collins by posting:

“They haven’t already?” To which Collins wrote back, “You’re right. But she’s lucky — if it happens now, she’ll definitely grow out of it. Get the ugly duckling phase done early.”

Lucca chimed in again, “Or she’ll get plastic surgery at 16 a la Kylie Jenner, and we’ll all have to pretend that she always looked that way…I can’t allow myself to feel too sorry for the incredibly rich!”

The backlash was swift, and both Collins and Lucca have since apologized in tweets:

The backlash was swift, and both Collins and Lucca have since apologized in tweets:

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Happy 2020 ?? @beyonce

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The critics by the two journalist which have created some spite and buzz didn’t digest well with the famous family fans and supporters as they troop on the comment section to lash back at the two journalist who had raised the hate statement against the young child. Nevertheless, the Carter family since the statement are quite mute on the issue as they have pretended not have notice the huge reaction and buzzing in the air.


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