Jay Z Sets The Record Straight As To Reasons He, His Wife  Beyoncé And Daughter Had Sat During America’s National Anthem

Popular American billionaire rapper, Jay-Z has set the record straight after it seemed that all of America was angry at him and his wife, Beyoncé.

The two of them, along with their daughter, remained seated during the national anthem performance at Super Bowl LIV.

He explained that it wasn’t a planned protest or deliberate show of disrespect .  Beyoncé and Jay-Z attended Super Bowl LIV and the pair and their daughter made news for the wrong reason. They got quite a number of people worked up and upset when they chose to remain seated during Demi Lovato’s performance of the USA national anthem.

Jay-Z has now addressed the matter, setting the record straight on what really happened.

Billboard reported that while speaking in front of a classroom of students at Columbia University on 4 February, Jay-Z explained what happened.

Responding to whether it was a planned stunt, Jay-Z said: “It actually wasn’t. Sorry. It really wasn’t… It was not premeditated at all.”

He explained that they were in ‘artist’ mode, taking in things from the point of view of performers. He also said they were focused on matters related to the mic and speakers in use.

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