I’m Just Getting Started-Belliyah

The music industry in Nigeria is definitely something you would say is quite challenging.  And it varies with different degrees of experiences as music arts continues in their quest of finding their voice and making the world hear it.

The healing and relieve that comes from music is one that satisfies the heart, it can also be described as one uniting language, all over the world as you don’t need to hear the language of a song to believe and enjoy the song.

Just today, you can see how Afrobeat is taking the lead and inspiring mega superstars especially among the African Americans to rediscovering their root. And that is why we have the likes of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Jidenna, Chris Brown e.t.c retracing their steps back to their root.

Speaking to Belliyah one time about how she feels about music and how it cuts across different people all the world with no too many barriers, and She simply puts it, that Music on it’s own is life.

Asking about what had inspired her first single? She went on by saying that it’s all about the struggle and which encircles through the music that breaths life and relieve to the soul.

We literally live in a Nation, where you just have to Survive by yourself. You are practically left with no option because everyone is trying to do the same thing as you are doing, which is to “Survive”

The government doesn’t care about you, nobody cares about you and even most times in your family and those you consider as loved ones.

And just looking at the harshness of the environment that we live in, you see that people engage in lots of things to make ends meet and don’t necessarily care about the means through which they go about it. So It’s all about the street hustle experience and general survivor she said;

So just had to come out first with the song titled “Jara” to push in some positive energy because, you need not to be told that 2020 was full of up’s and down’s. It was one of the most challenging year. In Nigeria, there was even more. Globally, we struggled with the severe issue of Covid-19, which we are still containing and hoping it doesn’t rob off 2021 as well. So it’s just a song to build some fresh mindset of hustle and survival in the people.

When asked if there is better packages to look out for as regards her music career and choice of genre…the laughter and reply was epic, as she responded by saying,

I’m just getting started, there is more to come and there are much to be expected. Coming out is the most important, which is a journey. That is why there is a saying ” that the journey of a thousand miles, starts with a step”

Basically it’s all the best we wish her and look forward to hearing more from Belliyah and seeing her unleash to the peak.

Check out Belliyah’s Single promotional video “Jara” below;

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