I’m Confused About What Men Wants From me; “I Don’t Know If They Want Love Or Just Want To Sleep With Me”- Nollywood Actress, Eva Chris Speaks Out

Nollywood actress, Eva Chris has expression her confusion about what most men that comes around her wants from her precisely as she has cried out that most times she doesn’t even understand whether men want love from her or just want to sleep with her and move on.

Speaking with Inside Nollywood, she further stated that she is quite single and ready to mingle. Lamenting over the issue.. while addressing the matter in the interview, in own words,

She said:

“I’m single and ready to mingle. At this point, I can’t bring someone to the public when we are not married, and then boom, we break up and fans now start using me as a topic of discussion.

“Anyway, I want a boyfriend who can be my best friend, and most importantly, give me lots of money. I want someone that can love me deeply. Love to me means caring and being supportive, both emotionally and financially. However, if I would pick between love, sex and money, I would pick money; because money is love.”

“One day, a guy approached me, begging me not to get married. He pleaded I should wait for him to make money and then he would come for me.

In fact, I get all kinds of messages on social media. Sometimes when I am in a relationship, I get confused. I don’t know if men really want to date me or just sleep with me.

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