If You Try Aborting That Baby, I Will Pray To God To Take Your Life-Man Warns Regina Daniels

Nigerian popular Teenage actress Regina Daniels, wife of business mogul and billionaire , Prince Ned Nwoko who is a Nigerian lawyer, politician, humanitarian and former  member of the House of Representatives..Since Regina’s marriage to her billionaire husband, a lot of speculations have been circling as to her reason for marrying Prince Ned who is 59 years of age, however, one of the biggest talks is on her pregnancy.

After it was first hand reported by Kemi Filani News that the forever sixteen beautiful actress was pregnant, many have also doubted if it could be true, if she would truly carry a child for Prince Ned Nwoko..However, a particular Facebook user has decided, he can’t hide his feeling from his watchful eyes on the actress, in which it seems to him that the actress is trying to kill her baby.

According to the Facebook user identified as Chris, he is of the opinion that Regina had married Ned for his money and not because she loved him and has also observed that she also doesn’t want to have his baby.

Chris’s accusing finger on the actress is coming after he saw some photos of Regina Daniels she had posted where she is working out at the gym of which he was not happy with. He stressed his point that truly Regina Daniels doesn’t want the baby she’s carrying for Ned Nwoko, that’s why she’s doing such a stressful exercise.

According to him, why should a pregnant woman be doing such strenuous thing, if the only agenda is not to abort and make sure she kills the little one inside her, reacting while commenting he wrote’

 “Regina just wanted to force that baby out…she knows what it is doing. She doesn’t want to be pregnant for that man but just married to enjoy the money. If you abort that baby with that exercise, i will pray for God to take your life with that innocent baby” He wrote…

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