If The Government Dares Mishandles The Youths, We Mothers, Aunts And Sisters Will Be On The street To shield Them. Dr. Dorothy Ogundu Fumes

While the protest in Nigeria is gathering a lot of momentum and drawing huge international attention, more international voices are already joined on the fight with the Nigerian youths to help liberate them from the gruesome mal-handle in the hands of the Special Anti-robbery Squad officers (SARS), Police Brutality and killings. As she cries on the government of Nigeria to meet their 5 most important demands.

More so, the seriousness, determination and courage of the Nigerian youths have however, drawn more attention as many are showing massive support in order to see the actualization of the new nation that the Nigerian youths are demanding for.

Meanwhile, One of the International voices that have joined in the fight is Dr Dorothy Ogundu, who is popularly known as Dr. O

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Dr O.  known for being outspoken especially in the issue regarding African Americans has also reacted to the on-going #EndSARS  #policeBrutality in Nigeria.

Speaking in solidarity of the on-going nationwide protest and having observed the events of the time, Dr. O has made her stance on the issue as she says in her own words;

I can’t be prouder of our youths. They have literally defended our rights to dignity with their body, time and comfort. They have shown coordination and orderliness not expected. I always said the youth are the formidable tail of nations and as any lion should not be stepped on carelessly to awaken it. If the government mishandle them, mothers, aunts and sisters will be out on the street to shield their youth and, history tells time again, men previously afraid of death will surface to defend their wives, mothers and daughters. The so called leaders being ignorant of history and anthropological literature miscalculated this generation.
With spirit of Ubuntu I in humility salute them. They have made us proud around the world.


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