Iceberg Slim Slams People Who Can’t Stop Dragging Him For Cheating On Juliet Ibrahim

Iceberg Slim says he regrets announcing that he cheated on Juliet Ibrahim on social media as he slams those who wouldn’t stop dragging him for it.

The rapper took to his Instagram stories on Wednesday, February 5, 2020, where he talked about how revealing his cheating escapades has won him more foes than fans.

Social media smh…I know I’ve fallen into the trap of having to explain or defend myself or tell my side of a story when it was no one’s business but mine and that of the person I was involved with. You’ll think you are doing what’s right, for the greater good, but again its NO ONE’s business. These things will never leave the Internet …and they will forever be held over your head. It’s not worth it.

Word from the self-righteous association ‘You cheated’ I’ll never downplay or justify what’s wrong. I owned it up and learned from it. For everyone that wants to bring it up every day, because there is nothing to talk about…as I said in my ‘Geng’ remix, na cheat I cheat, I nor kill person,” he wrote.

For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Iceberg Slim and Juliet Ibrahim were in one of the most talked-about celebrity relationships in the country back in 2018. It didn’t take long before the cracks in the relationship began to show its ugly head.

The first clue of the relationship going sour was when Juliet Ibrahim deleted all his photos on her Instagram page.

In 2019, Iceberg Slim apologised to Juliet Ibrahim for all he had done to her. Iceberg Slim shocked millions of social media users when he posted an apology message to Juliet Ibrahim on his Instagram page. He went to beg for her forgiveness for all the wrongs he had done to her including cheating.

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