I Will Never Give Up On This Fight, If I die, I die-Aisha Yesufu

Aisha Yesufu whose name has stood within the time, is one of the pushing activist who has been tirelessly leading in #EndSARS protests in some parts of Nigeria. The mother and strong activist who is one of the strongest voice calling for an end to SARS operation and police brutality has remained adamant in her call with her voice.

Mrs. Aisha has vowed never to give up on the fight as she keeps updating her followers of every latest happenings.
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Yesterday a video that went viral on various social media platforms, Which was shared  by herself, showed the moment a group of people made a short clip describing her as an enemy to Islam and a supporter of LGBTQ, and even made a threat to her life.

Aisha Yesufu  then proceeded to post various photos  of how she has stood against bad governance in this administration and even the previous one. She still could not figure out why her fellow Muslim family meant by saying she’s one-sided


See the post below.


See her post below:

“As a little girl less than 10 years of age, I came to the conclusion that: the worst thing anyone can do to me is to kill me and that it is not the worst thing since I am going to die anyway. 

At 46, you think I am going to be afraid to die? Try again! WE DIE HERE! #ENDSARS JOOR!”

See how fans reacted.

@abdulrahaman “Oh actually hoping to do the dirty job through the third party as they did with sponsored thugs against #EndSARS

I wish they could direct this anger to those who impoverish them for ages.

They still don’t know where the problem lies.”

@Gbega “These people are nothing but Evil, they can do and undo, just be careful wherever you might be ending, But if anything happens to you Nigeria is a problem our leaders are in problem.”

@miiti “Indeed they have heard your voice. The impact has been giving them sleepless nights and this is only the beginning. We must take back Nigeria come 2023!!”

@Edma “@AishaYesufu this is why I fear for you. Sometimes I ask how do u get the strength. How? Being a Muslim and fighting for a better Nigeria as a woman. How do u do it? Cos 1st they will say ure an infidel or siding with infidels. 2nd they will ure a woman.”

@lindaland “??what u wished she was but she is not will not,why? She knows who she is. a woman who walked fearlessly amidst gunshots and tear gas, I understand allot wish their wives had her kind of courage and all they can do is resolve to wail.”


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