I Sold Power Bank Some Years Ago In The Streets- Rico Swavey Speaks

Patrick Fakoya, best known as Rico Swavey who was on 2018 Big Brother Tv reality show was one of the house mates to watch during the airing of the reality Tv show. In the house, it might be said that apart from his calm and understanding nature, his fine face was one of the features that got many glued just to see him move to the extent he stayed in the house. Rico Swavey have described himself over time as a protector who always wants to stand for the oppressed as it hurts him seeing people who are weak get hurt by stronger people.

Rico who had told his little beginning story in an interview sometime last year after getting evicted from the house has said that growing up on his part wasn’t  a rosy one as it is what has crafted him to the man he is as he has learnt a lot from the experiences of life as he coins in, that some might be viewing him with his light skin, pink lips like he hasn’t seen the worst of life but over the time has really hustled in the sun. Rico who has other seven siblings went on, on the 12th December, 2019 to share his long time picture when he was still struggling  on the throw back Thursday, which is a time most people and some celebrities shares their pictures from years ago. While we know that Rico is not trying to bring back the 10 years look challenge, he had meant to inspire someone. On his post he shared on his IG, he had said the picture reminded him of when he was still in the streets selling power bank, according to him, he lets in by saying “I Don waka for sun dey sell power bank. Who no go know  go know..if dey only knew”



Rico Then..

Rico Now..

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