“I Helped R Kelly With Fake ID” To Marry Aaliyah Ex-Tour Manager Admits And Regrets

The R&B legend, R Kelly who is currently facing numerous accusations lingering on sex scandal and young girl child molestation and abuse is not only held bound by the charges his been accused of, as fresh charges have been raised.

The fresh accusation levied on him is bordering on the issue of the late singer, Aaliyah. According to R Kelly’s Tour Manager as at the time, had come forward to lay a claim that R Kelly was absolutely aware Aaliyah was a minor when he married her secretly in 1994, according to R Kelly’s Ex Tour Manager, he said that he regretted helping the singer push through with his plan.

Demetrius Smith has admitted to helping R Kelly getting fake ID for Aaliyah the day before her wedding to Kelly. On “TMZ Live” Thursday 19,December 2019. Demetrius Smith had said on the interview that the marriage between the two was the last thing he wanted to see go down.

While the trial of R Kelly is expected to continue from 2020, the Claim by Demetrius Smith puts R Kelly more in a little tighter corner.

Nevertheless, R Kelly has pleaded not guilty to fake ID allegation levied on him but according to the interview with Mr. Smith on TMZ live, he continued by saying that, at the time of that event, that he had wanted to delay the singer from walking down the aisle with Aaliyah was only fifteen as at that time. Smith also confirmed that his intention and technique he had wanted to use to delay the wedding was to buy a drink until he is able to come up with a better plan in persuading Kelly not to move ahead with marrying Aaliyah.

Smith has claimed that both he and Kelly knew from the onset that Aaliyah was underage and  Interestingly, he says the ID he had made for Aaliyah did NOT have an age on it as he did not give many details on the Fake ID claims.

 However, when asked if he will be testifying against Kelly in court, he had replied that he will but quickly chipped in that he want to see R Kelly rot in prison.

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