I Have Forgiven My Mother, But… She Seems Dead To Me-James Brown .A.k.a “They Didn’t Caught Me”(See Video)

Uprising cross-dresser James Brown a.k.a. “they didn’t caught me” has made a shocking revelation of his mother whom he says didn’t play any role in his life. The drama cross-dresser had made a video which he made just a few hours to his birthday  which is only just surfacing on the Internet, James who made a video via his YouTube channel had decided to share the video via his Instagram page as he plainly talked about his mom and her neglect in his life. The cross-dresser who turned 21 a few days ago pointed out that his birthdays make him sad as it reminds him of how much he was rejected by his mother.

According o his little story of his mother, he said his mother had rejected him right from conception as she refers  to him as’BORN BY MISTAKE’, he further said that due to the fact that his mother and father didn’t plan to have him but fortunately for him, he came by but his coming had brought him denial of a mother’s love. Speaking via his channel, James had said he has forgiven his mom but will not have any thing to do with her again as his grand mother played the role of his mother, he however, said that as much as he had forgiven her mother but she seems dead to her.

See video below;

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