I Don’t See Why I Should Be Showing The Wealth I Actually Do Have-Naira Marley

Nigeria Controversial rapper, Naira Marley spit out some real facts on the reason he is not one of those gangs who has find reason to throw and showcase their financial achievement in the public, explaining himself via his official twitter handle, according to him, he doesn’t see the constant need of flaunting his wealth on social media.

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The president of the Republican Marlians while addressing the issue about those who flaunts their wealth in the public mentioned that he doesn’t believe in showing off to the public because he already has real money. However, this to say less of a lot of artist who prefer to shove their achievements and wealth in the public in the faces of their fans.

Nevertheless, Naira Marley who is the opposite in this area has posited his thoughts on this,

In his words;

“I don’t see the constant need in showing off because I actually have real money.”

The rapper’s tweet


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