Hushpuppi Attacks Buhari Says “He’s A Shame To The Nation”

Going by the series of event happening in the nation and on the issue of the detention,  arresting and re-arresting of the Convener of the RevolutionNow protest Omoyele Sowore and his Co-defendant Olawale Bakare by the Dss has caused many including a senate from the US to speak out on the actions of the Dss and the president. While upon the drama that ensued yesterday at the court with the Dss re-arresting the convener  after Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu ordered for his release.

This recent event has led a lot of entertainers,  celebrities and some notable and popular figure in Nigeria to begin to chant for Sowore’s release and accuse the Buhari government of disobeying the rule of law.

Hushpuppi is not left out on the call as he took to his IG to speak fire while addressing Buhari as his message on his IG page has the picture of the president. Hushpuppi began by calling shame upon the president and it’s allies as they have disappointed Nigerian.

In Hushpuppi’s post, he said” remember how the young, the poor, old,  hopeless and the general masses had to some much hope for you to change and reshaped our country Nigeria for the better,  little did we know that your allies only had plans to use the power we voted in for was to be used to beat,  silent and maltreat us….

Hushpuppi in part of his post called out that the government of Buhari be impeached as they have only brought cause,  shame, suffering and disgrace to the country.

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I remember how all the young and even the old, the hopeless, the poor, the general masses had so much hope in you to change and reshape our country Nigeria for the better, little did we know you and your allies only had plans to use the power we voted you in for was to be used to beat us, silent us, maltreat us and starve us. The worse is this power is only used against people perceived as a strong link to fight for the people. I think enough is enough, today I say shame on you and your allies and everybody that surround you and can’t say to you that you are driving the country in the wrong direction, SHAME ON YOU ALL. You have failed us and now you are failing yourself, today I call on Nigerians to not fail themselves and stay strong and impeach this people if possible. Free Sowere and practice true Democracy that we voted you for, stop oppressing Nigerians, Nigerians let’s stand together against the oppressors

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