Highly Rated American Rapper Lil Wayne Sets Twitter On Fire As He Declares His Intention To Visit Nigeria

Nigeria despite how anybody thinks, surely fits in into its tag name and title as the giant of Africa. Entertainment alone has really helped spread the name Nigeria to every dick and harry in the world as many celebrities all over the world wishes to have a taste of the motherland which has also raised so many big names in the industry. In recent times, Nigeria has enjoyed a positive image to people in other parts of the world with many of them hoping to visit someday.

However, while Nigeria undoubtedly has a number of issues plaguing her, it still sails through as this issues do not define it progress in other areas as well as the citizens . Despite the disturbing and turbulent problems, the country still manages to put up a good atmosphere which have in many ways attracted some many international arts . American rapper, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., better known as Lil Wayne, has caused quite a buzz on Nigeria’s social media after an interview he granted and spoke about the country which has since gone viral. The highly rated American rapper and entertainer and entrepreneur who has for some reason been off the scene, is one of the highly placed international artist that is being awaited for his extra-ordinary skills in rap, whose presence in Nigeria will create even much buzz has also indicated his interest to visit the country, topping the list of all the international stars who are looking forward to visiting Nigeria.

In the video, an interviewer asked the rapper to name countries he has never been to but would like to visit. The Lollipop crooner then said he would like to visit Nigeria. Speaking further, he said he has heard that the country is lit. His statement has now had many Nigerians buzzing with excitement on Twitter as they have shared their opinion on it.

See some reactions and the video below:

Meanwhile, recall that Cardi B who was in Nigeria for a music concert late last year couldn’t erase memory of her lit experience in the motherland as she declared her intention last week of relocating to Nigeria with her husband Offset. This surely taking Nigeria a further step up from other African nations amidst so many negations.

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