Highest Internet Beggers Are Africans-Juliet Ibrahim Shames Africans As Angry Tolls Slams Her

Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim  who recently is on the hot sit as she gets slammed for her comment by tolls who thinks she was being insensitive and one of those who don’t protect the image of their country or continent on the internet. The light skinned actress was dragged on social media after she called all Africans internet beggars while on an Instagram live show hosted by US singer Tory Lanez, as her comment didn’t go well with people. Some tolls had called her out as they refer to her as a big disgrace to Africans.

The actress dropped a comment on the live show which has however, angered many of her fans and other Africans bitterly;

Below are some reactions from Twitter.

Dustmaster wrote: “It’s awful how these celebrities be very disrespectful, to their main fanbase when they get to the top. Juliet Ibrahim fixed her k-leg but forgot to fix her brain, sense is still far from this chicken chaser, even her high heels in this picture is higher than her IQ”.

Daddy Tom Tom wrote: “So Juliet Ibrahim called you all Nigerians internet beggars on Tory Lanez live nd u triggered Where’s d lie though… D country is hard enough This is why we need to make Tacha d president, She’s our Messiah. Tacha crush us , we are not Worthy”.

Mukaram ruma wrote: “This low budget Kim K calledJuliet Ibrahim just disgraced her entire generation and decided to drag Africa into the mess… Operator shall we?”

Dr Penking wrote: “There are poor people in every continent in this earth.Even in the U.S,there are people who can’t afford milk but Juliet Ibrahim thought it wise to insult the whole African continent on Instagram live, called them beggars but went ahead to drop her business page on the same video”

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