Highest Female Artist In Nigeria Yemi Alade Declares

Following her title as “Mama Africa” Nigeria’s singer, entertainer and dancer Yemi Alade took to her twitter on the 15 December 2019, as she writes about her achievements this year. She had written by thanking God for helping her achieve all she has achieved this year and also went ahead to say that she is still surprise at how strong she had been surviving on the twitter, a social media handle she had described as full of haters who has constantly being on her back, black lashing her on daily basis.

She wrote; “I don’t know how I Have been doing it on these Twitter streets of hate and but it’s so obvious more than ever before with so much international recognition, endorsements, highest female artist streams on Spofity etc, that GOD ISNT DONE IN MY LIFE.”

She had in her tweet talked about her international recognition and how far her music is reaching out to different countries and gaining international recognition, she also mentioned about more endorsements that are flying her way while inserting that she is the highest female artist streams on spotify and other platforms as she mentions about a bigger endorsement that is coming up which she  will announce soon.


Yemi Alade “woman of steel” has definitely been at good form even as this year ends as some of her singles and collabs this year have not been disappointing.

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