Having S*x In The Dark Makes Your Children Grow Up Dull- Prophetess Patience Akpabio

Prophetess Patience Akpabio

Some people might not have forgotten Prophetess Patience Akpabio as her advise on intercourse mating sometime ago got a lot people talking as well as the internet buzzing, when she said that moaning during sexual intercourse is beneficial to women as it lack will lead to producing irresponsible children.

However, the Prophetess is back again with a statement that has got wondering in disbelief where such statement could be coming from while others have also condemned her statement. And going by her statement, the Prophetess has told her followers to avoid having sex in the dark because children conceived from such intercourse are usually dull as according to her perception, is against the “will of God”.

According to her she stated via her Facebook, that couples should turn on the lights when making-love in other to produce sound children, she went further by emphasizing that the reason many children turn out the way they are, which is as a result of the fact that the light is turned off during mating between couples. Speaking, she said

“Let us light up our world in the bed rooms, so we can have transparency and positive energy in the world”

Her statement obviously causing her to getting slammed had also got people Speaking, as some had criticized her while asking questions, for her reason of saying what she had said;
See some comments;
“How can a so-called man or woman of “God” make such a daft statement? Prophetess Patience Akpabio has told her followers not to mate in the dark because children conceived from such intercourse are usually dull because it is against the “will of God”.
This act in itself is blasphemy of the highest order and we know it, this is why foreigners do not respect Nigerians and their pastors, because someone calls herself a prophetess and make such an inept statement?

Read more quotes from Prophet Patience;

”Sex in the dark room makes the mans pen to behave like a blind man but light in the room directs the pen to the book of the woman without ndutin
”The word boyfriend does not mean sex but a relationship that helps develop the mind powers between the two people involved for future progress. But almost everyone believe the concept of boyfriend to involve sex, sex is for married couples.
”Boyfriend means engage a virgin but if her character is not good with you drop her no settlement because there was no sex. Read 1 Corth 7:35-38”

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