Harrysong Set To Walk Down The Aisle With Long Time Girlfriend

Nigeria entertainment industry which since late last year was all about hooking up and consolidating. Some very notable ones already rounded up while others are still about to walk through the path of marriage, while others might have been hunting for the right spouse.

While no one least expected Harrysong to join the league of expected artist who are going to be walking down the aisle this period, he has proved everyone wrong when he announced his woman to the world via his Instagram page. The wife to be name whose name is Isioma has properly being engaged by Harrysong. The emotional artist who wrote very sweet emotional words he had shared on his IG while sharing the news of his engagement to his wife to be with a video showing her hand with the ring on it showing showing  she’s off the market has got many talking and buzzing fans and colleagues have trolled to his page to congratulate him on their engagement.

He wrote;

“I lost my mother when I was very young, I’m happy to have found a mother in you

You care for me, you forgive me so easily, you make my life so beautiful
You’re patient and kind. What a beauty to behold

You’re my #Isioma”



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