C.E.O Tuffgig Music Empire

Mr. Hardy O. Jimbaz is the Founder and CEO of Tuffgig Music empire. Well known for his outstanding production, management, organization, and general leadership ability, he has served as both a father and a teacher to several artists who have made the spotlights.Being born in Nigeria, the demand for his expertise has taken him all over and outside of the country; though he prefers keeping most of the details personal.

With his experience in the Entertainment industry, he has managed to combine efforts with several N.G.Os around the world to create awareness about diverse issues and also empower the people (around the world) to overcome them. Most of his effort has been drawn from his connections and immense influence in the Entertainment industry

He is known for being the convener of Drop the Debt Concept, Beyond the Tears Humanitarian Award, Net Aids Project. He also played a huge role in the campaign, election, and re-election of President Barack Obama through his mobilization and synergy with global entertainers

Being a renowned Musician and entertainments manager, Mr. Hardy has brought decades of experience in the entertainment industry to Africa, where he is not just making a name, but bringing up Stars and Leaving a Legacy

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