Giggle Your Mood Up With The Video Of Little Joshua And Little Ruiz

Gone are the days when parents let’s go of certain profession, occupation or hobby as occupations meant for nuisance in the society. Before now, Football was one of the occupation that most parents don’t want their children do, instead they prefer they study hard to attain a certain academic level, even most singers didn’t find it easy starting during those days as parents were never too supportive of their kids.

But seeing the kind of attention and respect accrued to this people, most parent are left with no choice than to support their kids as they want to share in the success story of their children. Just after the Saturday’s victorious fight between Nigeria very own Anthony Joshua who won the match and Andy Ruiz, a video which looked more like a comedy skit has emerged on twitter and trending just few hours it was shared as it show a father who has staged the fight of two toddlers, who are addressed to be the next Joshua after learning how that Joshua earned £46million only for conquering at the fight, just in a day.

Watch this Kid’s fight




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