Football Coach, Francisco Garcia Becomes The First Footballer To Die Of Coronavirus

Francisco Garcia, a 21-year-old youth football coach in Malaga, Spain , has died few days after catching coronavirus, and discovering the symptoms of the deadly global Coronavirus disease.

News reports described him as the youngest victim to die in the entire world.

Francisco was diagnosed with Covid-19 on Friday, along with the devastating news that he had leukaemia unknowingly to him.

According to reports making the rounds; Mr Garcia had no idea he had an aggressive form of cancer, which made him extremely vulnerable to corona virus, when he went to a hospital with breathing problems last Friday”,

Howeve, the president of the Atletico Portada Alta football club said he was told that Mr Garcia was stable, but an hour later was informed that he had died.

Spain is battling with 9,191 cases of coronavirus, with 1349 reported in the last 24 hours. The death toll is now 309, with Garcia now among the statistics.

Worldwide, 173, 177 coronavirus cases have been recorded, with 6680 people dead and 77,811 recovered.

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