#EndSARS: Nigerians In Disapora And Other Int’l Activits Stages March To CNN, UN

The #EndSARS #EndPoliceBrutality has recently escalated in Nigeria than it formerly was. The Nigeria youths who have become infuriated by the brutal killing of the security unit that was meant to protect them, however, as of yesterday saw them in the act of shooting the peaceful protesters in Lagos Lekki Tollgate.

While Tuesday was a blood pool bath in most states in Nigeria especially in Lagos where lots of lives were lost, many Nigerians in disapora and other international voices have been crying out and have began to join their voices with that of the youths in Nigeria and all protesting in disapora.

Meanwhile, reacting on the negligence of the Nigerian government to the cry of her people and also to the most recent of it all, the Lekki Tollgate killing have reached more people and international advocacy groups as a number of notable Nigerians and people of colour in New York, America has condenmed the gruesome killing as they wrote;

Our hearts are broken watching our brothers and sisters getting gruesomely massacred by the people who promised to protect them.

Years have gone by and we have kept quiet despite the corruption and hardship our people have been facing.

No roads, no electricity, injustice, and great social inequality.

We can no longer remain silent. We must air out voice and let the world know of this evil”

According to them, they have made arrangements to gather for a Peaceful protest on Thursday, October 22, 2020 slated for 12noon in New York at the Nigerian Embassy.

According to reports, they will be matching in solidarity to the CNN New York Headquarters, 10 Columbus Circle and also to the UN in New York to stand and support the youths of Nigeria and the innocent protesters who are already loosing their lives on the struggle of a new Nigeria.

However, this group of persons have also called out on Mother’s, father’s, aunties, uncles, Youths, Celebrities and all concerned and touched to join the move.



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