Does Zubby Truly Needs A Surgery?

The Nigeria movie actor and producer Zubby Michael, who recently was  appointed  as the state’s Special adviser on media by the Anambra state Governor , has not only been joyous and thankful about his new appointment and recognition by the state Governor but as it is, seems to be moving towards the leadership quality direction, this shows that certain appointments can channel people differently. Being known for his radical acts on movie sets as well as his radical personality shown on his social media pages, no one would have thought he would have taken it lightly  with one of his fans who dished him ugly when he posted a message of advice with his picture on the feed to people about following stupid trends as this fan commented by saying he would have been more handsome if he gets a surgery on his face, but Zubby repplying  back at the comment of the fan only said that God does’t make mistake.

What do you think?


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