DMW Former Artist, Lil Frosh Finally Speaks Over Physical Assault To Girlfriend

The recent viral ordeal between Former DMW artist, Sanni Goriola Wasiu popularly known as Lil Frosh and his  girlfriend Iyomaterie  Okeghene has been one very trending issue for a while now, the former DMW artist who has garnered himself some very bad name at this time, basically for physically abusing his girlfriend Iyomaterie Okeghene has finally broken his silence about the assault.

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Recall that some days ago, Lil Frosh was called out on social media, by Taiwo’s manger and brother Michael, as they accused him of beating up his girlfriend.

Taking to his social media, Lil Frosh apologized to his fans, family and friends for his actions.

He wrote;
“Based on the wide range of incidents between I Sanni Goriola Wasiu (Lil Frosh) and Iyomaterie Okeoghene Taiwo (Thacutegemini)
I would like to inform my fans and loved ones that we are on top of the situation, we urge friends and fans of Lil Frosh to be at ease and not to entertain fear or cause forget rancor to this situation.
we would like to state that we condemn violence in all form be it domestic or otherwise, I sincerely apologize for my actions and inaction. Thank you. “


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