DJ Obi Openly Disgraces BBNaija…

Popular Nigeria high-profiled disc-jockey, DJ Obi, has taken to his official Twitter handle today  to disclose that did suffered some technical issues while playing at the BBNaija house. DJ Obi also vented on the organizers of the show as he openly shaded them for their unpreparedness even after having spent and budgeted for such big reality TV show as he complained bitterly and  condemned them for not replacing back up sound equipments.

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Reacting, Obi wrote;

“Shout out to the housemates for sticking it thru last night. Such technical issues shouldn’t be happening with such a big budget show. BUT! Let’s use this opportunity to address how we also manage rubbish in this country…….

“How will a big budget show not have back up sound equipment????!!! Oh snap! I forgot, speakers are expensive……but the extension cord that burnt out, i swear is like 12k in the supermarket….Oh shit! 12k is a lot of money, my bad.

“The djing you witnessed last night is called Experience!…….The entire house partied with 1 monitor, not speaker…..Monitor.

“Could’ve walked away, but DJ OBI don’t crack under 

pressure“Last night is the LAST TIME i’ll dj without a technical rider in this country. For the djs starting out, learn this now. If the client does not provide you with the right equipment, proper working equipment to do your job. DO. NOT. PRESS. PLAY.”

“Use this to create structure to use the right tools for events and bookings. Contracts and riders, both hospitality and technical riders.”

See his tweets below:

The disc jockey’s tweet

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