DJ Cuppy’s Song Is “Garbbage” She’s “Talentless” And Her Dj’ing “Wack”- Canadian Female DJ Diss DJ Cuppy

Recently, a particular Canadian Disk Jockey (DJ) has hit DJ Cuppy badly as if there was some issues between the both International and Nigerian DJ.

The Canadian DJ who took to YouTube while on a critic show of songs done by artists all over the world, the DJ even though said she had nothing against the Nigerian billionaire’s daughter and Nigeria female DJ has referred to her as “Wack” when she got she got to her song titled “Gelato” On YouTube

According to the DJ’s critic, she had referred to DJ Cuppy as “talent-less”. She also added that her song, Gelato is “Garbage”.

Her opinion has caused tongues to wag as Nigerians are of the opinion that she has no right to come for the billionaire’s daughter.

Watch the video below…

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