DJ Cuppy Reveals She Stays Awake At Night Because She Fights With Demons

Popular Nigeria female DJ and undoubtedly one of the hottest female trending DJ in Nigeria, Cuppy Otedola, is giving her fans some very scary undefinable statement she had made via her twitter handle.

There are apparently many reasons and different reason why Some people stay awake late at nights, some majorly because of insomnia, others because they are deep in thoughts. But Cuppy’s case had got many wondering what was the reason she had made such post she had tweeted and posted on her twitter handle and as the deeper meaning is quite uncertain now.

According to the billionaire’s daughter, She stays awake late at nights to fight DEMONS!

However, She did not expatiate on whether she was speaking metaphorically. She took to micro blogging platform, twitter to make the revelation.

She wrote: “#ImAwakeThisLateBecause I’m fighting demons.”

While we are yet to depict her true meaning, it is likely that just maybe some thought of settling down could be the reason as she recently was asking questions why was she was still not married

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