Davido Sets The Record Straight As He Admits He Was Inspired By Wizkid

Popular Nigerian singer, Davido who is always thought to be in constant loggerhead with his colleague and singer, Wizkid. The two who are often always been compared to each other has continually caused some presumed tussle between the two. Just recently, Davido admitted that his colleague, Wizkid had motivated and inspired him as well as other young and new generation artistes to venture into music.

The singer recently made this known in a live video chat with his signed artist and Disk Jockey, DJ ECool on Tuesday. Contrary to beliefs, Davido tried to make it clear that there is no beef between him and Wizkid base on people’s assumption, while spoking on how the latter’s journey inspired him. In his own words;

“… And then I got back (from Atlanta, US again) and people said, ‘There’s another guy again o, but this one is younger’ (laughs) ‘Girls love him, he’s the new thing…’ I was like ‘what?’ So, I listened to his music and I was like ‘This sh** is fire” he said.

“You know who I’m talking about… You know Wizkid came and that’s when we; all the young guys were like, ‘I’m doing this sh** too, bruh… That n***a (Wizkid) came with some fire, bro…”

After the conversation, DJ ECoool played Wizkid’s first official single, ‘Holla At Your Boy’ which was released in January 2010.

Davido grooved to the song and he revealed his favorite track was ‘Wiz Party.’

The father of three went on to reveal he appeared in the visuals of ‘Pakurumo’, another Wizkid song and he also implored people not to get upset at him for setting up a record label show off challenge on Twitter.

Watch video chat;


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