Davido And First Baby Mama Sophie Attacks Each Other

It is no news that there has been rumor circulating about Davido and her first baby Mama Sophia Momodu, the mother of Davido’s first daughter Imade. Rumors had it that the two ex-lovers might have up or maybe Davido has resumed to playing away match while being engaged to Chioma his wife to be. Davido who had flied with his first baby mama and daughter on his plane had gotten lots of tongue wagging as it was assumed that they had gone on trip together after picture of both outside the plane emerged too.

The 30 billion gang man who didn’t take down the rumors surrounding their being on the plane together, wasted no time to reply and as had cleared the air over the issue a, it had triggered the response of his Baby Mama Sophie as she replies back to the statement.

Following the rumored tussle between the music star and Sophia, Davido had taken to his Instagram page to explain that he allowed his baby mama to join him in his plane as he didn’t want to separate the Mother and child.

But it seems Davido’s explanation did not go down well with Sophia as she fired back at the singer saying she didn’t ask him for a lift.

She said, ‘I’m bout to burn this whole sh*t down cos I never asked for a lift I never asked for a lift,”  Sophia tackles Davido.

while some people are yet to digest the comment made by Davido,  some have have thought that he’s already too protecting of his wife to be as there was no crime as they feel that there was  no crime having his ex with you him on same plane and do not agree with his side of explanation as the tweet concerning the issue is buzzing on other social media.

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